County Task Force Information


Dennis and Vicky Moore asked commissioners to start a task force made up of county, city and village officials as well as residents to identify trouble crossings, prioritize which need warning signals, take digital pictures, set up a crossing database, and actively pursue all avenues (funding and legislative) to ensure all grade crossings are equipped with adequate active warning devices. Also attending were: Tim Wilkins, Village Adm. Oak Harbor, Thomas Brown, Mayor of Port Clinton, Robert Steinmiller, Ottawa County Engineer, and Everett Woodel, Jr., District Rep (Paul E. Gillmor-Congressman 5th District). Commissioner Carl Koebel said he would get with Board President Steve Arndt(who was absent) and discuss the proposal. To date, no decision has been made. 

Ottawa County Commissioners
315 Madison Street,
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 1-419-734-6710












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